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Sjöbergs Workbenches AB
Fabriksgatan 1
SE-576 95 Stockaryd
Tel +46 382-257 00
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The secret of a sturdy and reliable workbench is to have full control over each phase of its production!

AT SJÖBERGS, we carefully control the chain of production, from purchasing of the raw material to delivery of the finished product.
A good deal of traditional craftsmanship is put into each of our excellent workbenches.
Did you know that a workbench consists of over 100 parts which to a great extent are handmade?

At our workshop in Stockaryd, a modern factory, the wood is dried until it reaches the desired level of dryness. After that, the wood is ready for the production of workbenches in humidity controlled areas.

A local blacksmith produces our steel trestles. Accessories come from our suppliers in Småland.

We want to be able to write Made in Sweden on all our products!

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